Hello and welcome.
Our game is played using the Pathfinder system with several of the optional rules added.
PCs start off relatively weak with a 12-point-buy statline but gain incremental stat increases every level. Most PCs are gestalt classes.
The world is a homebrewed gas giant with floating continents the size of standard game worlds.
No gods walk this world, those whom assend to divinity are forever barred from the land by unknown forces.
All standard dragons are relegated to drake status. True Dragons are beings of myth and legend.

The game currently centers around the frontier city of Dyson, an ancient engineering marvel that was a pirate base for hundreds of years.

Much has changed. Two parties of adventures now explore the vastness.
600 years in the past The King of Song builds what will become a mighty empire with the aid of his brother and “sister”.
Meanwhile a trio of young adventurers seek gold and glory in his expanding nation. Their seemingly minor deeds have unforseen repercussions.
In the present day, The Glorious Expedition has traveled across half the known world on a quest to help their friend regain her birthright.

Airships, and Cannons, and Dragons! Oh, my!

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