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  • Dyson

    *Physical Description* A massive artificial sphere with strange properties. *History* Built thousands of years ago by an unknown race, Dyson has had many inhabitants over the years but no true owner. It was used as a home base by [[ …

  • Rygar

    Human nation ruled by a council of Wizards. Has managed to take partial control of [[Dyson]] in the last generation. They use standard airships and firearms. *that is all for now* back to [[Nations]].

  • The Empire of Dust

    Humanoid nation of zealous slaver-masters. They have their own slave race who's origins are unknown. They are fair but crafty merchants who control the only means of safe passage through the dust-storm that surrounds their entire nation. They use …

  • The League of Scales

    Four reptilian races that banded together to form a single nation. They primarily use standard airships and firearms. The three races listed below use standard airships and firearms with modifications. The fourth race(unlisted at the moment) does not …

  • The Cerulean Throne

    Nation of Kobolds, rumored to be ruled by a family of Blue Dragons. They use specialized airships and firearms. [[Cerulean Throne Ships]] [[Cerulean Throne Firearms]] *that is all for now* back to [[Nations]].

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