Airships, and Cannons, and Dragons! Oh, my!

The Neutrals: Random Beginnings

A random short recap.

Three strangers are all accosted by the same press gang and end up becoming allies.
Riev the Half-Orc Urban-Barbarian Necromancer.
Raiden Joq the Human Pistolero Internal-Alchemist.
Masa the Clockword Automaton Samurai Evangelist.
They wander around Dyson and find one of the local “secret” black markets. Finally they decide to seek work on an archeological voyage to the east. They have a minor fight with some quippers on the trip there. They explore the ruins and realize they are in horrible danger. Raiden detects a number of secret ambush doors. Just as the group hurries the non-combatants out the party is attacked by an Obsidian Elemental as Grimlocks start to pour from the discovered ambush points. With the odds massively against the party they begin a fighting withdrawal. Riev’s Skeleton minion manages to shatter the elemental, destroying itself and four grimlocks in the elemental’s death-throws. The party reform on the stairs leading out, Masa and Riev holding the line as Raiden unleashes a torrent of hot led into the horde. Thanks to their skill, cunning and faith the party decimates their foes, turning a near impossible battle into victory.



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